Workshop "Dog Language - Calming Signals"

Animal Spirit Workshop hondentaal begrijpen en toepassenAugust 7 2022

The workshop "Dog Language" is interesting for everyone who lives and/or works with dogs. No matter how long you have had dogs.

Would you like to communicate with your dog using calming signals? Would you like to earn their respect and trust and learn how to work with your intuition instead of control and domination?  This workshop is right for you!!. Dogs use calming signals/dog language to avoid any and all confrontation. People are prone to do the opposite , mainly because they do not understand what their dog is saying to them.

Workhop content

You will learn what the Calming Signals look like en how to apply them yourself in communicating with your dog. You will learn how best to approach a dog, touch a dog and learn how he feels about physical touch. You will learn to recognize stress and how to avoid en reduce stress. 

Furthermore you will learn what repetitive , ongoing stress can cause in the physical and emotional body.   Dogs try to avoid conflict at any cost in their relationship to other dogs and also humans and we as humans can learn a lot from this behavior. These calming signals are the foundation of survival for all canine. Knowledge of these calming signals will give the dog "owner" and extra dimension in interpreting the dogs behavior and can be the foundation for a stress free and trusting relationship between animal and human.
Respect and trust are the basis of a healthy relationship between human and dog. If so, then there is no need nor room for fear and agression. 

Other dates can be arranged with participants. This workshop can also be given at a dog club, animal shelter or animal clinic. Just send an email if you are interested.

Location and price

The next workshop will be held in Koningsbosch and sometimes abroad in Europe as well. The workshop  is from 10:00 to 17:00 and is 150 euro including lunch, drinks and snacks. .
There is no refund.

interested? send an email to

Finally an interesting video from Turid Rugaas about calming signals in dogs. I hope to see you soon at the workshop "Dog Language - Calming Signals"

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