Tesla Energy Crystalium Disk Om/Aum

Tesla Energy Crystalium Disk Om/Aum

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Electro-smog harmonizer, diameter 3.6 cm. Self-adhesive. With motive "OM/AUM"Application areas:- Smartphones (from 5")- tablets- Laptops/notebooks- WLAN-capable printers- Ebook readers (Kindle,...


Electro-smog harmonizer, diameter 3.6 cm. Self-adhesive. With motive "OM/AUM"

Application areas:
- Smartphones (from 5")
- tablets
- Laptops/notebooks
- WLAN-capable printers
- Ebook readers (Kindle, Tolino ...)
- etc.

Application of the Tesla® Crystalium Disk 3.6cm:
The self-adhesive Tesla Crystalium Disks are manufactured according to the original patent of Nikola Tesla. They are attached to the back of the device. The etheric energy field of the Tesla Crystalium Disk harmonizes radiation to our advantage.

Symbolism "OM
Om is the most elaborate and sublime symbol of Hindu metaphysics and was first used in the Upanishads. Later, Om became the object of mystical meditation as the combination of the three sounds a, u, and m.. The sound represents the transcendent primal sound from whose vibrations, according to Hindu teaching, the entire universe was created....

Tesla products are from Switzerland, produced by Rosen Herz Verlag, Original Tesla® Products since 1992.


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