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Tesla Energy

By now almost everyone has heard of Tesla. Nikola Tesla 10 juli 1856 - 7 january 1943  was a  Serbian-American inventor uitvinder, electrical engineer and physicist.  He is recognized as one of the greates engineers and inventors of all times. To the general public Nikola Tesla is best known as the inventor of the high frequency alternating current generator and engine. However, Nikola Tesla has 700 inventions in his name! A few examples: radio/remote control/fluorescent light/radar location/x-ray photography without radiation/tachometer/turbine without blades/electron microscope/wireless energetic transmission/energetic disks (purpur plates). 


 Tesla states like many other "new scientists" that everything in this physical world consists of energy with an individual vibration frequency for humans, animals and matter. This is called ' life energy ', which is responsible for the synchronicity and harmony of the universe. This energy is vital! The individual vibration frequency of each individual can be disturbed by, for example, an accident, stress, separation etc. This kind of negative influences reveal themselves in the weaker spots in the body, usually in the form of physical or emotional symptoms and pain.

Purple Energy plates; a product inspired by Nikola Tesla to reduce negative vibrations. They are designed for you to come into balance and harmony with the energy of the cosmos, so that your energy, Prana, Chi,  goes back to  a healthy energetic frequency.. What are Purple Energy Plates? The function of the purple Energy Plates is best compared with free energy, based on the well-known energy of negative ions and anodized (electrolytically oxidized) with the color violet, which is the most beneficial part of the color spectrum.The aluminum plates have a sophisticated (hexagonal) inner crystal structure and the atomic structure of the aluminum plates has been changed, so that the plates resonate with the high frequency vibration of the life energy.There is an energy field around the plates which penetrates all material substances through osmosis. This energy is very beneficial for all living things....... plant, animal or human and can be considered as ' positive energy '. The ' energy level ' of the life energy can be measured by the radiometric method or the GDV camera (Bio-Well). The purple Energy plates slowly but surely increase the vibration frequency of the user so it can be applied to the quality improvement of drinks and nutrition, fortifies jewelry and gemstones and it cleans gemstones. When you yourself wear the Plates on your body,  they vitalize the body and  can be applied topically to reduce local pain.

  The purple Energy plates have undergone various modifications and it is well known by now that they retain their special function for more than 25 years. Purple Energy plates are used all over the world.  More than half a million Plates are already sold through ' word of mouth '. By experimenting with the purple Energy Plates you can experience how food is upgraded and how the taste improves,  how discomfort quickly and effectively disappears,  how you are going to feel more energetic and have much better sleep.


The Purper Plates can be used for human and animal health and nutrition, water, stones and more. Food and drink needs half an hour to achieve optimal energetic frequency to receive the most nutrition out of the food and water.  Of someone is in pain, illness or emotional upset one can carry the plate in his hand or pocket or put it under the pillow at night. The purpur Plates come in large format 21 x 21 cm (87,50 euro) and in small size 8.5 x 3, 5 cm (34,50 euro) without shipping costs. You can also choose the starters set of 1 x large + 1 x small plate. This set is priced at 109,95 euro plus shipping.

There are also disks (pendants) which humans and animals can use. They are 2,7 cm in diameter, also in colour purpur and are prices at 21,50 euro plus shipping. tcdk27purpur 150

Furthermore I work with the Crystalium Disk (adhesive to Cellphones), Tablets and other gadgets to prevent electro smog. They are priced at  20,90 euro plus shipping. crystaliumdiskblumedeslebens

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