Energetic body scan

Bio-Well Energetic Bodyscan

Energetic Bodyscan through fingerprint (Human Light System Bio-Well bodyscan)

This technique was developed by an international team of scientists under the leadership of Dr. Konstantin Korotkov. This impressive technology, also known as the Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) technique is used worldwide in hospitals, institutions, clinics, companies , aerospace etc. The GDV Camera is a small, special camera together with accompanying software, which allows human and environment energy-screenings to be measured.

This method is highly effective and suitable as reference and result before and after any type of treatment method (conventional and holistic).

The Technology: GDV method

The GDV-method is a computer registration and analysis system of electro-Photonic emissions of different objects (especially the human fingers).

This emission is measurable by placing objects or, for example, the fingers in the high intensive electromagnetic field on the lens of the device. During a BIO-WELL scan there is a weak electrical pulse less than a millisecond long on the fingertips or object released. The response to these stimuli is the formation of an "electron cloud" composed of biophotons. The "glow" of this "cloud", which is invisible to the human eye, is captured by the BIO WELL camera system. This is then translated and converted into graphs to the energy-, stress-and vitality-parameters. The images are then mapped to different organs and systems of the human body, particularly the Chinese energy meridians. The study of the human bio-energy fields (Human Biofields) belongs to a domain that has body, soul and spirit into one whole. Through one GDV capture, go get a view of your total health (emotional, mental, energetic and physical). The interpretation of it, however, takes more time.

Why the fingertips ?


The fingertips contain all information of the body because they are the ending points of our energy pathways (also called meridians). Meridians are energy streams that run throughout the body and therefore contain much information.  Meridians also receive energy from the also invisible energy ports (sometimes called chakras). So all the information is recorded and stored in the fingertips via the GDV-camera. The energy pictures of the finger tips are shown as blue light emissions (also called photons) with the GDV-camera it is possible to directly observe energy fields, even when the body is out of balance. The photos indicate where there is an imbalance both in the various organs and the body systems (cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine, digestive, urogenital, musculoskeletal, nervous system and immune system) if there is imbalance in the body, the transport of electrons in the tissues is hindered. Electrons are needed for the energy supply of organs and systems. When there is a deficiency of electrons , the energy balance of the body is not optimal. It has been scientifically proven that all biological objects emit photons. Photons are weightless light particles. They play a role in the processes of physiological regulation and the oxidation reactions (combustion reactions) of the body. The photons that are emitted by the body, day and night are not good measurable; only in vacuum.
If the body is placed in an electromagnetic field, the photon emission can be measured. The GDV technique is based on this, and that is a breakthrough in science.

You can have a Human Light System Body scan including written report plus advice for 85 euro. The scan takes place in health center Calma or praktijk 046 but can also upon request be at your location in  case of participation of multiple people/employees.




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