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Fairly new in the Netherlands and Europe are Anaflora Flower Essences for animals and the people who love them, created by Sharon Callahan and her animals.  They are vibrational tinctures made from flowering plants. A very special woman with special gifts. Anaflora has more than 200 single essences created for people but also especially for animals and even for specific animals as for cat, dog, horse, rabbit, birds etc. Thanks to its large range you can very specifically target a feeling, emotion, behavior or health problem and address the underlying cause. Anaflora custom made essences are created and made when ordered and are thus are intuitively made for humans and animals. Anaflora  Essences bottles come in 30 ml.

Almost everyone has heard of remedies and essences such as Bach flower essences, Bach remedies or Rescue Remedy but because Anaflora has a 6 times greater variety in single essences, is specificly made for animals and Anaflora is still handmade, you can work much more specific and individual and therefore Animal Spirit switched from Bach to Anaflora because experience has shown that they are more effective.

Anaflora flower essence formulas

These ready made formulas, as combinations of various essences, are designed to work quickly in many diverse situations. However they are equally effective when a slower resolution of symptoms is desired, when the animal needs support during a prolonged physical illness, behavior issues, when used in addition to veterinarian care in cases of serious illness, and during death transition. You can use the descriptions to find out for yourself which formula to choose for you or your animal. The formulas have a very positive effect on the mind and body of the animal but also the human where the animal belongs to when he or she also takes the Anaflora Formula. When both human and animal take the Anaflora Essence the effect will be even stronger because you will vibrationally match. (It is not a must that the human participates in taking the essence). You can also use multiple Anaflora formulas and alternate the formulas weekly.

Custom made Anaflora essence for you or your animal

When you find it difficult to determine which Formula to choose or you would like a more individual specific approach for you or your animal, then a custom made Anaflora essence is the best choice. For this, please send me an email with information about the issue and the individual and a picture of the animal and/or yourself and I will create the Anaflora essence intuitively for you. It is the very first item in the web shop.

The mental and spiritual condition of human and animal plays an important role in staying healthy and in the recovery of a disease. With Anaflora essence you go right to root cause of the problem and not just take away the symptoms.

"Flower essences are liquid prayers, mantras from heaven.
When offering flower essences to an animal,
ask the heart and soul of the flowers 
to heal the heart and soul of the animal"
 - Sharon Callahan

a few examples for using Anaphora Essences

changes such as moving, relocation, family expansion, re-homing, separation anxiety, panic, homesickness, fear of thunderstorms, Fireworks, cars, mopeds or other issues, behavioral problems, additional care or support for a disease, after a surgery or injury, spaying behavior, emotional trauma, shock, stress, intolerance, apathy, lack of energy, depression, submissive, nervousness, motion sickness, anxiety, possessiveness, jealousy, shy or uncertain behavior, hypersensitivity, fear aggression, dying/euthanasia, but there are many more reason to take Anaflora Essences.

  • Anaflora Formula 30ml: €29,95
  • Anaflora Tick Mist 120ml: €49,95
  • Custom made Anaflora 30ml: €49,95

Anaflora Essences only bring positive effect, can not be overdosed so safe to use and can always be taken with any other kind of chemical or natural medication.

With every bottle comes a detailed prescription how to use the Anaflora Essence. Overall it is best to take 2 or 3 times a day 3 drops of the essence. One bottle can last up to two months.

Animal Spirit and or Marjolein van Vlodrop's services are not intended to diagnose or prescribe medical or psychological conditions nor to claim to prevent, treat, mitigate or cure such conditions. With the therapies no attempt is being made to provide diagnosis, care, treatment or rehabilitation of individuals, or apply medical, mental health or human development principles to provide diagnosing, treating, operating or prescribing for any human disease, pain, injury, deformity or physical condition.

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